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121 Dog Training

Rough Collie Dog with List

Trained dogs are ‘free’ dogs. They are a pleasure to take out, because you know that they will behave around people, children, other dogs and any situation that you put them in. Trained dogs can be walked anywhere and let off the lead, because they can be trusted to return when they are asked to do so. They are more likely to be allowed to go to your friends and families houses because other people feel safe and secure in the knowledge that your dog is safe and under control at all times. Trained dogs are true members of the family, they can be taken on family outings and holidays because they can be trusted.

For untrained dogs their lives are not as full; these are dogs that have to be shut away any time you have visitors come to the house, they are constantly begging for food at the dinner table, they can never be let off lead, walking these dogs is very stressful, always scanning the horizon to see if other dogs are nearby, they constantly pull on the lead, jump up at people, the list is endless.

Hopefully your dog will be living with you for a number of years; some dogs live until they are 18 years old, so now is the time to ensure that these years will be mutually rewarding, by teaching your dog(s) the correct way to behave.

121 lessons can teach your dog: 


  • Basic commands: sit, down, stay, leave it, fetch, drop, come, heel

  • Come when called

  • Walk on a loose lead

  • Greet people without jumping up

  • Household manners: escaping through doorways, counter surfing, chewing, digging 

  • Not to chase joggers, dogs, furry animals

  • Learn to be left alone without stress

  • Remain calm in busy places and when out and about and indoors

  • Puppy behaviour: see separate section.

Long Haired Dachshund Walking on Lead
What is involved in training?

I work with reward based training methods. The outdated method of having to dominate your dog at all times is not a philosophy I agree with.

The method I use is a kind, reward based method, which breaks each exercise down into small sequential steps so that success is easy for both the dog and the owner.

Most true behaviour and training problems occur due to a lack of communication between the dog and owner. My aim is to teach both how to understand each other. I use a variety of different approaches so as to ensure that I tailor the training programme toward each individual partnership.

 I also look at the dog from a holistic point of view, and take into account your dog’s diet, exercise, fitness level, breed, age, personality and general overall physical and metal wellness in order to provide you with the best help and information I can.

Private lessons are usually an hour to an hour and a quarter long, they are tailored to your individual needs.

Lessons can be either a one off occurrence just to set you off on the right track, or a course of lessons, which will enable you to achieve more of your goals.

Jack Russell on Lead

6 Week Online Life Skills Course with unlimited Lifetime Access

If you would prefer to do an online course with your dog to work through the basics then this is the course for you.

For further details click the button below - 

One off 1-2-1 lesson


The cost of a single lesson is £70 this is for a

 1 – 1 ¼ hour lesson

121 Package of 5 lessons


If you book 5 lessons the cost is £300

You save £50

* All lessons are booked and paid for in advance and must be taken within 2 months of booking.


Please look at the terms and Conditions page for booking and cancellation policy                          

All Lessons are held at Ryslip Kennels Training Barn or Classroom in Binfield.

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