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Animal Photography

Louise is an amazing photographer and a lot of the photos that you see on this website, particularly on the home page, testimonials page  and agility page are her amazing work. She is very kind and easy to work with and has a really genuine love of all animals. Thank you Louise for all of your time and photography!!

Holistic Vets

Alternative Vet Medical Centre – Chris Day

Holistic Vet – Nick Thompson

Dog Groomers

Paws at Penny's

Centre Stage Dog Grooming

Quality Raw Food Suppliers


Honey's Real Dog Food

Pet Supplements

Din Dins

Verm-X – Animal Healthcare

Pet Supplies

Ryslip Kennels

Dog Games Shop

Dog Walkers

Amy’s Animal Allsorts

Professional Trusted Housesitters

Rochelle logo 2.jpg

Rochelle Lawrence 

Beths Logo.png

Bethany Calhoum

Conventional Veterinary Surgeries

Alma Veterinary Hospital Windsor

Gill Tose Windlesham Vet

Animal Rescue Organisations

Diana Brimblecombe Animal Rescue Centre

Many Tears Animal Rescue

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