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Behavioural Consultations

Do you have a problem with any of the following:

  • Extreme reactivity/aggression to dogs

  • Extreme reactivity/aggression to people

  • Excess barking

  • Chasing bikes, joggers, horses, deer

  • Separation anxiety

  • Abnormal repetitive behaviours (OCD)

  • Inappropriate house soiling

  • Digging

  • Food or toy guarding

  • Destructive behaviour

Behaviour problems can be seen in dogs of all shapes and sizes, pure breeds, mixed breeds, rescue dogs etc. There used to be only 3 choices, live with the problem, re-home the dog or worst case scenario put the dog down.
LUCKILY with behaviour modification and the use of positive reward methods, owners are now able to work with their dogs’ behaviour and greatly improve if not completely solve most problems.

There are many reasons for behavioural problems developing, lack of exercise, wrong food, lack of training, inappropriate training, bad genetics, strong working breed traits, lack of socialisation, boredom, wrong breed of dog for the lifestyle of the owner, the list is endless. No matter what the problem help is at hand.

Dog digging

What Happens At A Consultation?

I send you a comprehensive consultation form to fill in. We then arrange a time for us to have a consultation. I will often require you to have taken your dog to the vet to have a full medical check up before our consultation. The first session is done via Zoom. Full instructions will be given.

I work holistically with behaviour problems which means i look at every aspect which may affect the behaviour this includes, diet, environmental influences, equipment (that is currently being used and advising on new equipment if necessary), medical issues, medication, genetic influences including breed traits, supplements, training measures, control and management and a full behaviour modification programme. 


After the consultation i will send you a full report and if requested an audio recording of the consultation can be sent to you. Then 3 - 4 weeks later we have another 1 hour catch up remote session to see how you have been getting on. 

This is the Bronze Behaviour Package.

Bronze Behaviour Package

Includes 2 - 3 hour Zoom Consult, follow up report and a 1 hour follow up online 4 - 5 weeks after the initial consultation


Silver Behaviour Package


Everything in the Bronze Behaviour Package plus one follow up 121 session face to face for 1 hour and 1 X 1 hour zoom session

£350 (all sessions must be taken within 3 months)

Gold Behaviour Package


Everything in the Bronze Behaviour Package and 2 follow up 121 face to face sessions for 1 hour.

2 X 1 hour Zoom sessions

£450 (all sessions must be taken within 6 months)

All follow up lessons are done at a training location in Binfield.

Please note all packages must be paid for in advance and there is a 48 hour cancellation policy. If you cancel within 48 hours of your scheduled session then that session is forfeit.

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