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Scentwork Training

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The benefits of scentwork are endless, it can help with behaviour ie with reactive dogs, nervous dogs, overly excitable dogs and dogs with more challenging behaviour.


Vets and other pet professionals are also recommending puppies, elderly dogs and dogs with injuries/illness to our classes/courses as it is a low impact sport ideal for those who may be less active.

Reasons for doing Scentwork with your dog

  • Dogs love it!!!!!! It is a naturally rewarding activity for your dog

  • It is mentally tiring for your dog, so dogs that seem to have endless energy that you simply cannot walk off, doing Scentwork with them helps to tire them out mentally.

  • Helps to lower anxiety levels so is therefore fantastic for nervous dogs.

  • Helps improve dogs confidence levels

  • Improves owner/dog bond.

Put very simply, scentwork is where a dog uses its sense of smell to identify and locate a scent which it has been trained to look for.

This can be anything, for example some working dogs find drugs, bombs, criminals, cash, guns, people that are lost etc. With pet dogs this can be teaching them to find their owners keys, find hidden treats, find specific hidden toys (which may, or may not, have had a particular scent placed on them), finding Red Kong, Gun Oil and Truffle Oil.

One off 1-2-1 lesson


The cost of a single lesson is £70 this is for a

 1 – 1 ¼ hour lesson

121 Package of 5 lessons


If you book 5 lessons the cost is £300

You save £50

* All lessons are booked and paid for in advance and must be taken within 2 months of booking.


Please look at the terms and Conditions page for booking and cancellation policy                          

All Lessons are held at Ryslip Kennels Training Barn or Classroom in Binfield.

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