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Trick Training

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Have you ever wanted your dog to be able to do party tricks like the dogs on talent shows.  Want to impress your family and friends with how smart your dog is? Do you want to be able to take your dog to have professional photos taken for some great action shots, but you think your dog is too unruly? Children love teaching their dog tricks and it is a great way to teach your children how to interact with your dog in a positive way. All of this is done with positive, fun clicker training.

By having just a couple of lessons with me you could teach your dog any of the following:

  • Give a paw/high five

  • Retrieve

  • Hold/carry an object

  • Targeting

  • Commando crawl

  • Play dead

  • Wave

  • Walk backwards

  • Speak on command

  • Take a bow

  • Open/close door

  • Roll over

  • Give me a kiss

  • Jump through a hoop

  • Put your head down

  • Twirl

  • Yawn on command

  • Beg/stick ‘em up

  • Head down on floor

  • Tidy up your toys

  • Head down on an object

  • Turn a light on/off

  • Sit on a chair

  • Cross your paws

  • Pack a bag

  • Play Skittles

Why not give yourself a goal? I can help you work towards International Trick Dog Titles developed by Nando Brown and Kyra Sundance.

Black and tan dog standing on hind legs

One off 1-2-1 lesson


The cost of a single lesson is £70 this is for a

 1 – 1 ¼ hour lesson

121 Package of 5 lessons


If you book 5 lessons the cost is £300

You save £50

* All lessons are booked and paid for in advance and must be taken within 2 months of booking.


Please look at the terms and Conditions page for booking and cancellation policy                          

All Lessons are held at Ryslip Kennels Training Barn or Classroom in Binfield.

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