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Philippa Short
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Behavioural Consultations

Do you have a behavioural problem with your dog? Does your dog have dog to dog aggression, dog to human aggression, fears, phobias, inappropriate barking, chasing, obsessive compulsive behaviours? I can help you.

Agility Training

Do you want to teach your dog to jump?

Walk over things? Go through a tunnel?

Jump through a tyre?

I offer an introduction to agility

equipment on a one to one basis

at a Binfield location. 

Trick Training

Have you ever wanted your dog to be able to do party tricks? Want to impress your family and friends with how smart your dog is? I can help you

121 Training

Not every dog and not every person is suited for group classes. With training on a One to One basis we can ensure you and your dog are comfortable and that every question you have is answered. 

Scentwork Training

Scentwork is an amazing game that bonds

you and your dog, helps to lower anxiety, helps prevent boredom and teaches a dog to

use their amazing noses efficiently.

Mentally tire out those high energy dogs

that can walk forever and never get tired.

Dogs love it!!

Vet and Grooming Handling

Is taking your dog to the vet or the groomer an issue for your dog?

Is it tricky to put harness or collar on? Are you struggling with day to day handling issues?

I can help you

Puppy Training

Do you want to have a happy confident puppy?

Would you like some help and guidance to help you get your puppy off the lead for the first time? Do you want your puppy to be a happy well adjusted member of your family?

Rescue Dog Training

Adopting a rescue dog can be a very rewarding thing.


They can have a very hard time adjusting to their new environments.

Assistance Dog Training

Do you need a dog to help you with everyday tasks? I can help you train your existing dog, or help you choose the right dog from a rescue if your dog is not suitable for the tasks needed.