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Dog Yoga

How yoga can help my dog

  • Calmness reduce anxiety levels

  • Increase flexibility within the body

  • Great for old or young dogs

  • Increases bond and trust between dog and owner

  • Teaches dogs how to relax

  • Teaches dogs how to use and give great communication signals

About Real Dog Yoga

Real Dog Yoga is a programme of training. It ultimately involves teaching dogs to express and hold specific body postures, expressions and actions that stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system and help them to become or remain calm.

The programme has designed an environment for learning which is called option training. We train yoga using this method where dogs have specific areas and communication signals they can use to opt out at any point. Regular breaks are taken following a protocol to ensure that emotional stressors such as frustration do not complicate learning patterns.

Using option training we teach each dog a set of 30 postures (which are broken into 3 sets: sitting, laying and standing) as well as 15 actions and 10 expressions. These are designed to help the dog learn to become or maintain calmness. It also helps to increase the dog and human interspecies vocabulary and create better understanding and compassion. The postures, expressions and actions also increase body awareness, muscle control and communication with the owners. They can be taught to any age or breed of dog with any age owner.

One off 121 lesson

The cost of a single lesson is £65 this is for a

 1 – 1 ¼ hour lesson

Silver Package

If you book 3 lessons the cost is £165

You save £30

Bronze Package

If you book 2 lessons the cost is £120

You save £10

Gold Package


If you book 5 lessons the cost is £250

You save £75

* All lessons are booked and paid for in advance and must be taken within 3 months of booking. Travel costs – if you live outside of my 5 miles catchment area from RG42 2PR there is a £2 per mile charge.

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