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Rescue Dog Training

Getting a rescue dog can be a hugely rewarding thing to do.

You will have received lots of help and support from the rescue, but getting some simple management tips in the early days will speed up the bond building between you. It can make it easier for the dog to adjust to the huge changes it’s going through.

Get me to come and help you to understand and read you dog’s behaviour. This can teaching your rescue dog to cope with elderly adults, children, cats, other dogs, indoor living in general and building good routines.

Dog looking through fence
Dog looking through fence
Brown Dog

One off 121 lesson


The cost of a single lesson is £65 this is for a

 1 – 1 ¼ hour lesson

Bronze Package


If you book 2 lessons the cost is £120

You save £10

Silver Package


If you book 3 lessons the cost is £165

You save £30

Gold Package


If you book 5 lessons the cost is £250

You save £75

* All lessons are booked and paid for in advance and must be taken within 3 months of booking. Travel costs – if you live outside of my 5 miles catchment area from RG422PR there is a £2 per mile charge.                                          

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