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6 Week Online Dog Training Course with Lifetime access

Online Behavioural Consultations

Online Puppy/Dog



Do you want to be proud of your puppy/dog because they have the same nice manners in public as you? Take them with you for a bite to eat at a cafe or a glass of wine in a pub..... or sit happily with you while you chat? Then this is the course for you, start training now, 5 mins a day and you will be amazed at the results.

Then this is the course for you ......


An online behavioural consultation is done via Zoom, Skype or FaceTime whichever you prefer (full set up advice is given).  A full behavioural form is sent to you, followed by a consultation and a report. .......


Do you ever just want to talk to someone to get advice about which harness is best for your puppy? Where can you buy the best treats? How do you introduce your puppy to a crate? Which food type is best for my puppy? How do i stop my puppy being sick in the car? .......

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