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6 Week Online Life Skills Course with unlimited Lifetime Access


Do you want to be proud of your puppy/dog because they have the same nice manners in public as you?


Take them with you for a bite to eat at a cafe or a glass of wine in a pub..... or sit happily with you while you chat?


Then this is the course for you, start training now, 5 mins a day and you will be amazed at the results.

This course is for ANY dog of any age, for puppy owners it is crucial training that needs to be done early with the pups and for Rescue dogs where you are not sure what they have or have not been taught, or for adolescents who are ‘breaking the rules’ or for Golden oldies who would love to have time spent on them training, this course is for ALL DOGS.

With dogs demonstrating in several videos, you will learn  -

·         how to get a solid hand touch,

·         recall away from distractions,

·         loose lead walking,

·         eye contact and focus even in distracting areas,

·         teaching good door manners,

·         sit stay,

·         teaching them to chill and relax in lots of different circumstances,

·         teaching your dog to play with toys

·         to have a fast retrieve

·         a good solid leave it.


The course is only £60 which is fantastic value for money for all of the information you are receiving. You also have unlimited lifetime access to the course!

Click this link for further details and to purchase this course -

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