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Philippa has been giving our dog Scrappy a home from home for the last 4 years. We can go on holiday, or out for the day, and be safe in the knowledge that he is happy, and wonderfully cared for! We can’t recommend her more highly!


Fleur & Darcey

Our two Cairn Terriers adore going to stay with “Auntie Philippa”. They are exercised, groomed, loved and cared for. Philippa has such a wealth of experience and a genuine love of all dogs and it is such a warm and dog friendly home for them to stay. From the moment we drop them off, we know that our two dogs are having an absolutely wonderful time and having lots of cuddles. We cannot recommend Philippa more highly.


Penny & Portia

This is a most remarkable lady who’s ability in handling, understanding and working with dogs is quite extraordinary. We have known and used the services extensively of Philippa for upwards of 14 years during which all of our 3 spaniels bitches have stayed with and been cared for by Philippa. Stays of anything between 1 to 4 weeks. Philippa’s care for her charges is evidenced by their affection for her. There can be no better testimonial than to watch their excitement and happiness when in her care, she just has that special touch. In brief, no praise for Philippa can be too high.

Charles and Ann Druce, St Leonards Hill, Windsor


When I say Philippa’s name to my dog, Barley, he literally jumps and yelps with joy and heads straight for our front door, which says everything you need to know about how much he enjoys his time with her and her lovely dogs – Gypsy and Wizard. Not only does Philippa provide a caring and fun environment for Barley – she also brings, as an experienced dog trainer, a fountain of knowledge to bear on how best to handle him. He can be a little anxious when meeting other dogs but, in Philippa’s expert hands, he has learnt to relax and enjoy the company of other dogs.

Whenever we go away, whether for a day or a week, we always feel that Barley is gaining something by going to Philippa’s – it is his own get-away or luxury break.



Benson always rushes joyfully into Philippa’s house without a backward glance whenever I drop him off. I am able to fully enjoy my holiday/ time away from him because I know he is very happy AND in safe hands. He adores her two dogs and they provide the type of fun and interaction his human just can’t …I just can’t run fast enough when he wants to play chase! I think of his time with Philippa as an essential part of helping him be a happy, well- balanced dog.

Thank you Philippa!”


My 5 year old Cavalier, Oscar, has been boarding with Philippa (“Auntie Pippa”) since he was a puppy. Philippa provides a fantastic home-from-home service and cares for each dog as though it were her own. He is always happy to stay at Philippa’s and he slips easily into the routine there.

Oscar is beautifully groomed and pampered at Philippa’s. He is given lots of robust walks each day, appropriate to his size and needs. He has lots of opportunities to socialise with other dogs and even attempts a bit of dog-agility! Oscar has stayed with Philippa while recuperating from surgery and she was kind enough to keep in touch with me every day with photos and updates, even making his post-op
visits to the Vet on my behalf.

I can honestly say that although we miss Oscar when we’re on holiday, I never have a moment’s concern as to his well-being and I know that he is in the best possible hands! It’s so reassuring to go on holiday, knowing that our beloved pet is safe and so well cared for! He returns home a happy and well-balanced dog.

Philippa is a very experienced, caring and knowledgeable animal-care professional. She has an intuitive understanding of dog-psychology and I feel she knows Oscar very well. It’s just a pity she doesn’t board children too!

I can’t recommend her highly enough!

Clare Lewis and Oscar


Our dog Luna had the privilege to stay with Philippa many times during the last 5 years, but I would like to emphasis the period where Luna was there for almost a year due misfortune events I had in my life.

All this time I was absolutely sure that Luna is safe and having great time. Philippa updated us on regular basis and sent us pictures and we felt that she loves Luna and treat her like Luna was her own dog.

Philippa is the only person that Luna loves to stay with. When I drop Luna at Philippa Luna is happy to stay. Luna is always happy to see Philippa and it seems Luna really adores her. I feel so lucky that I found Philippa and I am happy to recommend her for everyone who needs dog boarding.


Meg our American Cockerpoo has boarded with Philippa on many occasions over the last three years either when we’ve been on family holidays or away for the odd weekend. Meg is quite an anxious, clingy dog but she always bounds into Philippa’s house with the greatest of excitement and enthusiasm and clearly loves Wizard and Gypsy too. I have never had a shred of doubt about leaving Meg with Philippa – she is kind, firm, thorough, loving and in my opinion, exceptionally knowledgeable about dogs. Over the years Philippa has given me a lot of helpful advice on a range of issues including nutrition, health and behavioural concerns. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her services.


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