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We got Patch when he was 10 weeks old for our 6 and 8 year old boys.  He is a cockachon (cocker spaniel / bischon frisse) and we fell in love with him on sight.  We already had a holiday booked and needed to find someone to board Patch rather than kennels.  Philippa was recommended by 3 people so it was a no brainer for us to contact her to see if she had availability.  From the moment we stepped through the door and into the lounge it was clear that dogs / animals were part of who Philippa is, she loves them as much as the owners, cares for them how owners would and ensures the much loved pets get nothing less than 100% love and attention for the duration of their stay.


Patch has stayed with a couple of other puppies on 2 stays and seems to have had a ball, running amock in the garden, chasing each other and generally bounding about the place.  Philippa ensures she adheres to exactly what we want, amount of food etc but not only that she is exceptional with her advice and knowledge on dogs / puppies and this is invaluable as we, as a family, haven’t had a pet before.


I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Philippa and know that when we go to Italy next April, Philippa will have our bundle of nuttiness without hesitation.


Lisa (Patch’s Mumma)

Maddie & Tilly

Maddie and Tilly are 7 year old German Shorthaired Pointer sisters. They have been boarding with Philippa for about 5-6 years. German Shorthaired Pointers are a sensitive breed and are quite needy. Maddie, especially, is the sensitive one and needs a lot of reassurance.

Philippa has a wonderful calming influence and the dogs feel secure and loved in her home. Maddie and Tilly are thoroughly spoilt during their holidays, with probably far more attention than they receive at home. They experience exciting walks every day, sometimes just with Philippa’s dogs, but more often meet up with friends and their dogs. They run free, enjoy water, wooded areas and all types of countryside. No dog could ask for more. There are a huge
variety of toys to play with and chew, they even watch TV!

In case of any medical problem the dogs are in the care of Philippa’s own vet. Prompt action is taken and any medication required is administered. Nothing is too much trouble. I feel confident and do not worry at all about leaving my dogs with Philippa, it is home from home there. Maddie and Tilly love their visits and always return bathed, fit and well.

Philippa has a remarkable gift for understanding the dog’s mind, the atmosphere is relaxed in her home and therefore, happy contented dogs. These are the thoughts of a very grateful client.

Margaret Warren


Twix, our three year old miniature labradoodle has been boarding with Philippa since she was a puppy.


As a family, we all have total confidence in Philippa and feel reassured that Twix is completely happy, safe and well cared for, while we are on holiday.


Philippa is an extremely knowledgeable, caring, lovely lady who adores all dogs and treats them as if they were her own. 


I would not hesitate to recommend Philippa to anybody who is looking for excellent boarding facilities for their much loved dog

Womble has since stayed at Philippa’s house as a ‘boarder’ with her lovely dogs, Wizard and Gypsy, plus any visiting dogs and she (as with all dogs in Philippa’s care) is always treated like royalty. Philippa is clearly devoted to all dogs and always goes the extra mile when it comes to looking after the dogs in her care.


Dear Auntie Philippa


Thank you very much for having me to stay with you at your lovely house.  I love the comfy couches and the great walks and the bedtime treats and the special cuddles and the nice friends I make and the super games we all play, but best of all is that you always make me feel so welcome and loved, so I don’t really miss my people hardly at all.


Looking forward to staying with you again soon, (and not just because I am a bit in the dog house for making my Mum fall over when I chased next-door’s cat).


Lots of love


Rosie Beagle


Charlie, our 3 year old cocker spaniel, has been going to Philippa’s,  since we adopted him a year ago, for both day care and home boarding. During this time we have seen Charlie develop from a very shut down, anxious rescue dog to a dog who has learnt how to play, swim, and socialize with other dogs. This has been thanks to the help of Philippa and her own two dogs Gypsy and Wizard, together with the other dogs Charlie has met whilst in her care. Philippa has shown us how to use different approaches and techniques that have helped Charlie’s behaviour and supported him through new experiences which have helped him become a happier, healthier dog. The care Philippa gives is focused on each individual dog, their needs and their safety but she also makes sure that they have fun. Charlie enjoys his days with Philippa and we feel confident that he is in safe, caring, expert hands.

Thank you Philippa!

Fiona and Charlie.


I got in touch with Philippa even before our puppy, Alfie, arrived, as we had a holiday booked for later in the year, and I wanted to make sure I could find someone who would look him (he was going to be about 6 months when we went away). From the very onset, Philippa was helpful, interested and welcoming, and when the time came to release our (by then, adored) Alfie, into the care of someone else, there is certainly no one I would have been happier leaving him with. Since then, Alfie has continued to go to ‘Auntie’ Philippa’s whenever we have not been able to take Alfie with us. Every single time, I’ve been able to go away knowing that Alfie will, not only be well looked after, but equally importantly, will not be lacking in love and cuddles!


Although I grew up with a dog when I was a child, I have never been responsible for the care and wellbeing of a dog before, so as I found my feet in the early months, Philippa was (and still is!) always on hand with encouragement and helpful advice, which I believe comes from a true knowledge and understanding of dogs.


So, as I hope can see from what I have said, I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Philippa to you!


Mel, Alfie’s Mum


I have been boarding Dave my Yorkie with Philippa since I got him as a puppy. For me the proof of the pudding is the excitement he displays at seeing her, and her two lovely dogs Gypsy and Wizard, when I go away. The last time he was barking at the front door to announce his arrival and begging to be let in! That’s not to say he is not delighted to see me when I get back, but he has so clearly been having a ball whilst staying with her. He gets to experience things he wouldn’t at home. Long walks in woods and fields with friends for company. He’s been on an agility course; again something which, based on the photos I saw, he clearly loved!

Philippa has been invaluable in helping me with early food issues and certain training tips. I’m very happy to have found her, giving me a complete peace of mind when I go away.


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