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Our American Cockerpoo, Dotty, has stayed with Philippa on two separate occasions. The first time was when she was 7 months old and stayed for 3 weeks to receive some training. As first time puppy owners, we had struggled to rein Dotty in and were finding her hard work.  Upon having a phone consultation with Philippa I knew automatically she knew her stuff and she was super lovely too. We then had a meeting with Philippa so she could get to know Dotty a bit better, the moment we walked into the house we felt so welcome and even better the house was dog heaven! Lots of toys and beds and blankets, the gardens was large and secure….everything you could possible hope for.


When we dropped Dotty off and left her we were very nervous as it was the first time we had been apart for a long period of time. However, we received videos and pictures throughout Dotty’s stay and lots of updates via email so we need not have worried!  Not only did Philippa train Dotty but also educated us which I think is so important. Dotty returned to us with lots of training under her belt and a new understanding that she needed to listen to what she was told. For us it was also a big learning curve and we are so grateful. The training techniques Philippa uses are fantastic and Dotty enjoys it too! Philippa used an excellent grooming technique with Dotty and now she is a dream for us and the groomer which is a must when it comes to poodle mixes.


After such a successful experience the first time round, we then asked for Dotty to stay for her holidays, we had no doubt she would love to stay while we went off to Italy. Although this time Dotty wasn’t in for training, Philippa ensured that her training was still re-enforced throughout her stay, she also grooms the dogs after their walks so she really does cover every aspect of care your dog will need.  It is nice to know that your dog is so well cared for while you are away, Philippa listens to your preferences, for example I didn’t want Dotty off lead while we were away and agreed a long line was perfectly fine, but she listened and I could go away feeling reassured and relaxed. You are also asked to complete a thorough form prior to boarding so you can tell her all about your dog which I think is very professional.


I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Philippa to anyone looking for some training or just for a wonderful doggy holiday!


Womble is a working cocker spaniel with bundles of energy and a thirst for learning. Unfortunately, she was not the easiest of puppies as she had so much energy but did not know how to channel it (and neither did we!). Thankfully, Philippa stepped in and saved the day! We did not imagine that Womble would, or could, ever slow down but a training stay with Philippa was exactly what she needed. She spent three weeks with her and came home a reformed puppy (we also needed to be extensively retrained and thankfully Philippa did that too!). Philippa certainly did not remove Womble’s spirit – which is one of the many things we love about her – but she did teach her how to behave appropriately in social situations. For example, the ‘long down’ is used several times a day when she gets overexcited and she soon knows to relax and settle down wherever we ask her to. Muddy paws are now a thing of the past as she sits patiently at the front door when we get home after a walk until we get her towel. Similarly, when we open the car door we know that Womble is not one of those dogs who will dash out as soon as she can but, instead, waits until we tell her she can get out. These are all very practical solutions and ones which we thank Philippa for every day.

Womble has since stayed at Philippa’s house as a ‘boarder’ with her lovely dogs, Wizard and Gypsy, plus any visiting dogs and she (as with all dogs in Philippa’s care) is always treated like royalty. Philippa is clearly devoted to all dogs and always goes the extra mile when it comes to looking after the dogs in her care.


Jack our border collie is the best dog ever thanks to you!

We brought him back to the states with us and we take him with us 99% of the time. 

He is just the best once you taught us how to communicate. He is going on 7 years old and just part of the family. 

All the best

Jim Obrien  


My 10 month old collie has been home boarded by Philippa on two separate occasions. The first time Bronte was only 5 months old. I was concerned about leaving her at such a young age. I need not have worried, because while I was away Philippa sent emails and photos showing me how my puppy was settling in! Also, Gypsy and Wizard (Philippa’s two lovely natured dogs) helped Bronte to socialize with other dogs!

Another plus, is that Philippa grooms her home borders after walks and she gave me some useful tips on how to be more confident while brushing Bronte on my new dog grooming table!

Bronte was 8 months old when Philippa looked after her again. This time I asked if she could help with obedience training, as I was going to be away during one of the lessons. Philippa kept in touch during my holiday (via emails and photos), so I could see how Bronte was enjoying herself and progressing with the training! I was very pleased with the result. Upon my return, Bronte was more attentive and calmer! I could tell she’d had a wonderful time!

I would definitely recommend Philippa as a home boarder!



Benson has being going to Philippa since he was 10 weeks old. She has helped me understand dog behaviour so that I can gently stop behaviours that could become problematic and encourage those that make him a happy, well – balanced dog. It is really interesting to understand why a dog does certain things and I’m sure it has helped make the bond between me and my dog even stronger. I feel very proud to watch him behaving with full doggy manners with strange (sometimes ill- mannered!) dogs in the park and I am sure that this has prevented potential problems. He is a delight to be with and this is thanks, in very large part, to Philippa- and her doggy assistants, Wizard and Gypsy.


Philippa has looked after our two year old male black Labrador Bentley now three times and the fourth is already booked in.  Bentley is a sensitive soul and having met Philippa at puppy training classes I knew that she 'understood' him and that he would be in very safe hands.  As much as we enjoy going away on holiday as a family, the downside is leaving Bentley behind.  However knowing that he is completely safe and happy in Philippa's hands means that, as much as we miss him, we can relax knowing that she would care for him equally as well as us - if not better!  You only have to meet Philippa to understand that she has an amazing insight into dog psychology and behaviour which enables her to put Bentley at ease, and for him to enjoy his holiday time with her and her dogs Wizard and Gypsy.  Her home truly is a Hotel for Dogs.

Willow and Oakley

My two blue roan Cocker Spaniels Willow (9) and Oakley (6) have only ever boarded with Philippa.  What a fantastic home from home environment for them with the very special bonus of Philippa.  I feel incredibly lucky to know Philippa - her knowledge, passion, enthusiasm and caring nature is inspirational. Such a wonderful lady.


Willow and Oakley are always very happy to be at Philippa's - with lots of cocker twitter and kisses on arrival.  From the socialising, great walks, grooming and lots of love Willow and Oakley are always a picture of health and happiness on collection. (I genuinely believe that they wished I went away more often - I am not offended!).

I love to hear Philippa's stories of their antics whilst staying invariably good but on occasion’s perhaps two rather naughty boys getting overly excited! Nobody better than Philippa in getting them to see the error of their ways with a firm but kind word!

I cannot recommend Philippa enough to anyone looking to board their dog in such a loving and fun environment.  Nor can I thank her enough for all her advice and especially for loving my two boys as much as I do.

If Philippa cannot accommodate Willow and Oakley I would rather not go away.... Sorry Philippa- no pressure! X 

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