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Fun Agility

Arrange A Session?

Have you ever wanted to try agility with your dog, but don’t want to commit to a weekly class? Can your dog not cope in a whole class situation at the moment? Would you like to have the whole family involved in having fun with your dog?

Would your children like to take their dog around a fun assault course?

I can help safely introduce you and your family to all the agility equipment and teach you the basics of running your dog around an agility course. Children of all ages are very welcome! (must be accompanied by an adult).

A Yorkshire terrier jumping over a hurdle

Dogs of all ages are welcome to come and have fun.

  • Young puppies benefit hugely from learning about their bodies and how to use them. It can also build their confidence and improve the relationship with their owner. Equipment is kept at a very low height to ensure that their young growing bodies are not harmed.

  • Adult dogs love the physical and mental challenge of agility. It improves the relationship with the owner and teaches dogs to listen to their owner during an exciting activity.

  • Older dogs love to have the mental stimulation, like puppies the equipment is kept at a very low height so that older stiffer joints do not get jarred. Just because their body is getting less active, it doesn’t mean that their minds are, they get excited and feel like they have a purpose in life again.

  • Come and have some fun with your dog at a fun 1-2-1 agility session.

One off 121 lesson


The cost of a single lesson is £65 this is for a 1 hour lesson.

Bronze Package


If you book 2 lessons or more  the cost per lesson is £50

* All lessons are held in Binfield at an agility facility, the above charges include the cost of hiring the venue.

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